Neighborhood ponds and area waterways are beginning to ice over and the Plainfield Fire
Protection District is asking everyone to please stay off the ice.  Please teach children that there is no such
thing as 100% safe ice and many factors determine the strength of ice including its age, thickness, the
temperature, snow cover, the water depth, the size of the body of water, water currents and water
chemistry.  Ice that is over a moving body of water such as a river should always be considered weak and
While enjoying outdoor winter activities like ice fishing or ice skating, only go on ice in approved
areas where the ice has been checked by someone trained to judge ice conditions.  If someone does fall
through ice the best way to help them is to immediately call 9-1-1 so rescue personnel can be on their way.
Do not go out on the ice after them, if the ice did not support them, it won’t support you either.  If possible,
while waiting for rescue personnel to arrive, throw things towards the person to help them stay afloat such
as a life jacket or empty water jug.  You could also throw them a rope or similar device to attempt to pull
them to shore.  Tell them that help is on the way and if they do get out of the water take measures to keep
them warm while waiting for rescue personnel to arrive.
If you fall through the ice don’t remove your coat or other protective clothing.  Face the direction
you were coming from and put you arms out flat over the unbroken ice.  While doing this kick your feet to
try and move yourself forward back onto the ice surface.  If you’re able to get out of the water and back
onto the ice surface stay in a laying position and roll away from the broken ice back in the direction you
came from.  Laying flat will more evenly distribute your weight over the ice surface as opposed to standing
up.  This will hopefully prevent you from falling through the ice again.  Once you get to safety you need to
go to a warm area to prevent hypothermia.
For more information please call the Plainfield Fire Protection District at (815) 436-5335 ext. 7314