The Plainfield Fire Protection District received an ISO (Insurance Services Office) Class 1 rating for the majority of the Fire District. The Class 1 rating is the best rating a Fire District or Fire Department can receive. The rating was determined through an evaluation process that took into consideration the following:

• The Fire Protection District’s fire suppression capabilities
• The Fire Protection District’s emergency communications capabilities through our dispatch center WESCOM
• Municipal water supply capabilities within the Fire Protection District
• The Fire Protection District’s efforts at community risk reduction

Currently there are only 14 Fire Departments and Fire Districts that have achieved an ISO 1 rating in Illinois and 270 nationally. The ISO rating is used by insurance companies to determine property insurance rates for residential, commercial and industrial properties. The new ISO rating goes into effect on November 1, 2017. For more information please contact the Plainfield Fire Protection District at 815-436-5335 or visit our web site at