May 19th has been designed as Home Fire Sprinkler Day to raise awareness of home fire sprinklers and the benefits they provide. In support of Home Fire Sprinkler Day the Plainfield Fire Protection District encourages everyone to learn about the benefits of home fire sprinklers. Eighty percent of fire deaths occur in homes. Fire sprinklers are the best defense against serious smoke inhalation and burn injuries because fire sprinklers act quickly to direct water at or near a fire when it is still in its early stages. Smoke from burning furnishings and other products inside our homes is extremely toxic. In as few as three minutes the toxic gases and carbon monoxide within the smoke can quickly incapacitate people and pets. Depending on the type and amount of combustibles that are burning a flashover may develop within three to five minutes of a fire starting. With fire sprinklers a fire is kept from growing allowing the needed time to escape and protecting property from being destroyed. Sprinklers reduce the heat, flame and smoke from a fire. To learn more about home fire sprinklers you’re invited to attend The Plainfield Fire Protection District’s Fire Prevention Week Open House on Saturday, September 29th where there will be a side-by-side demonstration of two fires, one with fire sprinkler protection and one without fire sprinkler protection. You may also visit the National Fire Protection Association’s website at, the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s website at or the Plainfield Fire Protection District’s website at or call us at 815-436-5335.