Our schools have now resumed classes and I’m offering another gentle reminder to please put down the cell phone and reduce the many other distractions that put others at risk on the roads and especially around our schools. Texting and phone calls can wait.

Some of the changes you’ll see around the fire district include the flashing warning lights near each of our 4 fire stations to give a timely warning to motorists that our emergency apparatus are departing the station to respond to a call. These additions were substantially funded by a grant from our insurance company and we’re confident they’ll reduce the potential for accidents during our responses.

We’re excited about our Fire Prevention Week Open House and please mark your calendar to attend Saturday October 3rd from noon until 3pm. See our article later in this edition for more details.

When you do come to our open house you’ll be able to see the new training facilities; the latest addition to the Headquarters campus. These facilities are also discussed later in this issue but we look forward to using them to further sharpen the already excellent skills our firefighters and emergency medical personnel possess. We also anticipate further use as a regional training facility and are already fielding and making inquiries about that potential.

Our quarterly “Chat With The Chiefs” is scheduled for October 28th at 7pm here at our headquarters facility. This is an opportunity for our residents to hear brief presentations from Chief Konopek from the Plainfield Police Department, Chief Mike Veseling from the Oswego Fire Protection District and myself, as well as ask any questions concerning our various operations. We look forward to meeting you then. Don’t cringe but winter will too soon be upon us and we want you to consider what happens to the fire hydrant in front of your home or on your block when the snow accumulates. Remember, if you can’t see it, neither can we. Please think about “adopting” your hydrant. Call our Fire Prevention office at 815-436-5335 for further information on how you can help us help you.

As a closing reminder to you, the Plainfield Fire Protection does NOT do telephone solicitations to collect funds for any purpose. If anyone calls you soliciting funds, suggesting they’re representing the Plainfield Fire Protection District, please decline and let us know about it. There’s little we can do to prevent the fraudulent efforts of these persons but we’ll make appropriate notifications to the Illinois Attorney General’s office. Make sure your family members, friends and neighbors are aware of this scam too and as always,

Be careful out there….

David S. Riddle, Chief