As we all welcome the move from winter into a short spring we have a number of things to talk about. School is out and we implore you to be safe while driving. Please put the phone down, your phone call or text can wait. We have begun work updating our current website and know that you’ll like the changes. We look forward to you making this a regular stop along your daily “surfing” route after we get it completed. Important links, safety tips and other germane information will be included and updated regularly. We can still be found at

I know it may be a little early but make plans now to attend our annual Fire Prevention Week Open house scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd from noon-3pm. This year’s theme is “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep;” every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm! Fire Prevention Week open house, held at our fire station 2 on 135th Street, east of Rt. 59 should prove to be another great opportunity to see what your fire district is doing for you. We had over 500 in attendance last year and hope to increase that number this year.

You may notice a lot of activity around our headquarters campus on 135th Street too. We are in the early stages of constructing two training facilities; one in which live-burns may be conducted and the other for more technical rescue training. These buildings have been a part of our strategic plan and are now coming to fruition. We’re also installing flashing emergency warning lights near all four of our current fire stations to warn mo-torists when our apparatus are exiting the stations on emergency responses. These solar powered units have been substantially funded by a grant from our insurance company and we look forward to their completion by the end of July.

We have also developed a “customer” survey form that we should begin distributing by the time you read this. The survey form is another effort to help ensure that the delivery of our services is what you expect. If our performance and service is not up to your expectations, we want to know. We also enjoy hearing what we do well for you but are very concerned when we don’t. We are here to serve YOU. Please help us by providing your frank comments as we move ahead.

Remember safety while swimming and fire prevention as you enjoy a barbeque. Enjoy the summer safely and all the fun outdoor activities the warm weather brings with it.

Be careful out there….

David S. Riddle, Chief